G2 – Chapter 29 – What Now?

On returning to the bunker I asked everyone to meet me in the dining room:

G2 C28 m

We had a very frank and open discussion over what our options were now.  Beryl and Basinite kept their emotions in check, for which I was thankful, I felt that one tear from either of them would tip me down a slope from which I could never recover.

Dad was stoic, he had suffered losses before, but I’m sure he had the same questions roaming around his head that I did, could we have done anything differently?  More quickly?  But we were working on a schedule, one whose deadline wasn’t even that close, the quads had 6 months before they would turn into teens even, sorry, would have had.

We couldn’t have had them roaming around in here while the building work was in progress, it just wouldn’t have been safe.

Any way, I doubt these questions will ever leave my mind, but I needed to try and focus on our plan of action now.

Beryl: Dad, Basinite and I have enough seeds to get a garden going under here, as long as we can provide enough light, I think the plants would grow OK.

Basinite: I agree with Beryl, we can rig up another watering and fertiliser station down here to help us keep the plants as healthy as possible.

Chase: I think we have enough resources down here to finish everything off, even to a pretty decent standard.  I’m glad Sister Katherine sent her box of tricks with us, we should have everything we need to survive, minus food, which it looks like the girls are on top of.

Hayden:  We have books on most of the skills we will need to get this bunker fitted out and maintained.  The only thing I am worried about is air, I was thinking we would need some kind of oxygen supply and for that we will have to risk heading up to the surface to install it, but I think we should be OK, as long as we are quick.

Bernie and Boston both looked shell shocked, I don’t think either of them were looking forwards to the amount of work that was about to be heaped upon them.

Zed: We can take naps on the sofa’s in the living space until we have more permanent sleeping arrangements sorted out.

Dad looked pointedly at Basinite and Beryl and then back to me as he said this.

I had to face it, I needed one of my girls to become a mother.  I had lost four children, was I going to be forced to watch another one die, just so that I could continue the Arrington Legacy.  It was a talk I would need to have with Dad.

We adjourned the meeting with specific tasks set out for everyone, Beryl and Basinite would be in charge of getting a vegetable garden set up, the boys would look at installing an air supply and filtration system, and Dad and I would think about how to best plan the rest of the layout for the bunker, it would give us ample time to talk, about everything.

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G2 – Chapter 28 – An Unexpected Storm

The bunker is coming along nicely, 2 weeks have past since Bernie, Hayden, Chase and Boston arrived and then last night we were all witness to an unexpected meteor shower, it looked like a normal shower, I had no idea what it would mean for my family.

G2 C28 a

Bernie seemed to smell something in the air and decided to go and take a look see.  That boy does seem to have a very keen nose for scents.

G2 C28 c

He called us immediately on the two way radio when he discovered what had happened.

So, Basinite, Bery, Dad and myself made the trek up to the old homestead, I don’t think any of us were really prepared for the sight that greeted us:

G2 C28 d

They were all dead, all of them, dead.  Barite, Bixbyite, Brookite, Bavenite and even Kathy.  How cruel life can be.

G2 C28 e

I told the others to head back to the bunker and get every safely inside, I thought that this might be precursor of things to come.

That night I harvested the plants that needed it from the green house:

G2 C28 g

I packed up all of our valuables, mainly the gems that were kept on the upper floor.

G2 C28 f

While I was upstairs, I couldn’t help but visit each of the quads rooms in turn.

G2 C28 k G2 C28 j

I couldn’t face heading into Brook and Bavenites’ room, with the wall gone, I would be able to see all those graves.G2 C28 l

Finally, I decided that I would have one last meal in this house.

G2 C28 h

I sat under Dad’s watchful eye as I ate

G2 C28 i

And thought all the thoughts that I shouldn’t be thinking, like how it would be up to my precious twins to carry on the Arrington line, how much I would miss the childern’s laughter, how I should have spent less time down at the bunker and more time here with them, playing and laughing, or should I have spent more time at the bunker and less time here, so that they could have safely moved in before this meteor shower?!

Was this the beginning of the end of Riverview? Was the Mewteor going to land soon?!  With all these questions and thoughts spiralling around my head, I decided to head back to the bunker, there was nothing left for me here.

Apologies for not showing you all pictures of how the Bunker has progressed, but I am just too shaken from the experience of yesterday.

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G2 – Chapter 27 – Some New Arrivals

Later on that night, Dad saw something:

G2 C27 a

He came over to let me know that he thought that some of The Potentials had arrived:

G2 C27 b

So we all went over to welcome them to The Bunker:

G2 C27 c

It looked like there might be some magic attraction going on, on their first conversations Beryl certainly took a shine to Chase:

G2 C27 d

And Basinite certainly seemed to get along fine with Hayden:

G2 C27 e

Boston and Bernie were quite content to chat to each other while the girls carried out their introductions.

After everyone had gotten acquainted Dad and I thought it would be nice to let the boys grab some shut eye, so we all retired to our beds.  I think I must have slept with one eye open though, to keep an eye on my girls.

The next morning Chase made himself useful by tidying up the dinner that we never got around to cooking last night:

G2 C27 f

I really think he was trying to get on Beryls good side.

Meanwhile, I decided to have another go at harvesting some more honey:

G2 C27 h

This foray ended worst than my last attempt and the darned things swarmed me!  I might have to ask someone else to take over this chore.

The boys were taking up the slack, Bernie was especially keen to help Beryl in the garden:

G2 C27 j

Boston took over the bees for me, for which I will be forever grateful!

Chase, being a natural cook decided to prepare our evening meal:

G2 C27 l

I tell, you Mac and Cheese never tasted so good, yummy!

The day ended with me sat chatting to Beryl and Basinite about what they thought about their Potential mates.

G2 C27 o

Beryl seemed to be smitten with Chase, although, she hadn’t ruled out Bernie, she thought that there might be more to him than meets the eye.

Basinite however had completely ruled out Boston, it seemed he was making googly eyes at Bernie, so she said it was a good thing that she got on with Hayden.

I think tomorrow, with the help of the boys we should be able to make a start on The Bunker proper, it’s time to get on with it!

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G2 – Chapter 26 – Carrying On

I was ecstatic to see Beryl and Basinite reunited:



Dad had meanwhile discovered the chicken coups that I had built and rounded up the chickens for.  He was busy arguing with one of them:



As he walked away, I was sure I heard him muttering something along the lines of, “Evil chicken, just you wait, I’ll out smart him yet.”

And I decided to try my hand at bee keeping:


Ouch, blast, beggaring heck, it fought back, my thumb, my poor thumb!!

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G2 – Chapter 25 – Peacemaking

The next morning Beryl was up at the same ungodly hour that I was, so I made her sit down and tell me what was going on between Basinite and herself:


“Well Dad, while we were gardening yesterday, we ended up discussing The Potentials. Basinite basically said that she thought she liked the look of one of My Potentials. I said, But Dad is going to pick out who he thinks is best for us remember? And she just laughed and asked if she thought that would stop her?! I was livid, I just wanted her to stop saying such mean things.”


“Hmmm, well I can understand why you reacted the way that you have, that really wasn’t very nice of your sister. Let me talk to her and see if I can get to the bottom of all this.” Beryl looked so heart broken that she and her sister were on such bad terms, I knew I had to stop this in it’s tracks:


What on earth has gotten into Basinite? As I was about to get up and make my way over the see Basinite, Dad came and sat down next to me. He had obviously overheard my conversation with Beryl.


“Son, let me talk to Basinite, please?” “But Dad, I need to understand why she seems to have changed so much.”


“Ax, now I know I only had you, but I think I can talk this through with her, you might be a little too close to the situation.”


“Well, you never did wrong by me Dad, so yeah, go ahead. But please let me know what happens.” “Of course Son.” As Dad walked off to the girls dorm area where Basinite was still sleeping, I realised that I couldn’t just sit here and do nothing, I had to find out what was going on in her head. I decided I would eavesdrop on the conversation. Dad found Basinite in the hallway of the dorm, at first he tried just talking to her:


“Basinite, what on Earth is going on between you and your sister? She thinks that you are out to steal away one of her Potentials.” “I knew she would blame this on me! All I said was that I thought that one of her Potentials looked quite cute and that I wouldn’t have minded Boston being one of My Potentials, instead of that creepy looking Berni.”


“So you didn’t tell her that even if your Dad and I thought that Boston would be her best match that that wouldn’t stop you trying to make a play for him?”


“Well, I might have said something along those lines. It’s not fair, I might get stuck with some weirdo, while she lives happily ever after!”


“Basinite, did it ever occur to you that that is exactly how all your sisters are feeling, and probably your brother too? They are all scared and worried about the future, if there even is a future for this family? I have already lost so much, I won’t have you bickering amongst yourselves about things that might not even happen!”


“Oh Grandad, I never thought of it like that! I feel just awful, poor Beryl. I am so sorry to have put you and Dad through this, I am just so glad that the quads weren’t here to see me acting like this. Can you ever forgive me for acting like such a spoilt child?”


As they hugged, I heard Dad whisper in Basinite’s ear, “It’s not me you need to be asking for forgivness from…”


I can’t tell you how relieved I was that this was just a silly misunderstanding, I didn’t need the girls falling out with each other, not now, with everything at stake.

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G2 – Chapter 24 – A Misunderstanding?

I was asleep when the others awoke that morning, but I am reliably informed that they were shocked and in awe of what I had achieved with a shovel the night before:



After descending the steps that looked to have appeared from nowhere:


They stood and stared in wonder:


At the underground storage pantry that I had created:


This seemed to spur the girls on no end and the vege patch continued to grow:


They even decided to create a herb garden next to the kitchen area:


Well, that is all the progress we have made today, although we did do a shed load of gardening, so the pantry is getting full.  The girls were talking about trying to build a chicken coup so that we could get our own eggs and even trying their hand at beekeeping, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Before I go, I wanted to share a first in The Arrington household:


Beryl and Basinite have had an argument, I really need to get to the bottom of what it is about, but I am just too tired for at the moment…


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G2 – Chapter 23 – Under The Stars

We were finally able to make some progress today, not a lot, yet, but a little.  It took most of the day but the boys dorm area is now complete


so Dad and I took five minutes out just to sit and reflect:


On all that we had achieved, and what we had yet to achieve, the list feels endless, we still need a cooking area up here, and then we really need to get started on moving some earth for the bunker proper.  I hope those some of those potentials turn up soon, this task is looking more and more unachievable…

That night, we decided to give the site a trial run, so Dad got the old barbecue out and made some hot dogs, which the four of us enjoyed out underneath the stars:


I think he had forgotten that barbecue cooking took less heat and more time though, because the dogs were a little on the burnt side, but to their credit the girls didn’t complain.

They went to test out the bunk beds that they had helped build earlier in the day:


Dad and I did the same:


Later that night the heavens opened and the rain splashing on the tin roof woke me:


I found that my mind couldn’t settle, so I went to work on something that I had been thinking about all day.  My body ached, but Dad and The Twins are going to be stoked when they see what I have built!  I took a little rest, the sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon, so I just sat and watched it rise:


it was all so peaceful, I wondered what the place would look like after the Mewteor hit.  It has become such a fixed point in my mind that I occasionally catch myself and think that it may only be an ‘if’, but somehow, I just no now that it is not an ‘if’, but a ‘when’.  I just hope that we are ready when it happens.

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